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Evergreen Farm Oy is an agricultural technology company that produces the most advanced and efficient climate-controlled vertical farming system, known as Grow360.


The Grow360 system offers a reliable year-round output, as well as the ability to produce in-demand non-native vegetables at extremely affordable prices.


Our Grow360 system is not only cost-effective, saves land area and manpower, but also maximizes production and improves produce quality.


Evergreen Farm Oy also produces and licenses the Grow360 system.


Learn more about the Grow360 system here.





The mission of Evergreen Farm Oy is to fundamentally transform agriculture by implementing the Grow360 system throughout the world. Thus, improving crop production while encouraging responsible, innovative farming methods that protect the environment and educate the community. 



Our aim is to make fresh, healthy, delicious, pesticide-free, and non-GMO food accessible to everyone. While doing so, we aim to improve the quality of life of local communities by providing job opportunities, and a platform for growth and education.


We also aspire to impact the world market to make non-GMO and pesticide-free food the new norm. 

Near Term Goals


To expand the use of this technology to produce other crops including grains and cereals, which are equally important in the food chain. This will create an even bigger impact on resolving world’s food crisis.


Given that achieving sustainability is at the core of Evergreen Farm’s values, detailed consideration was given to resources utilization e.g. energy consumption, water recycling, nutrients lifecycle analysis and overall system’s efficiency.


  • Growing medium: sustainably harvested peat is used as the growing substrate as it combines many physical, chemical and biological characteristics that make it an outstanding growing medium.


  • Nutrients: our organically certified fertilizers are obtained from recycled and recovered organic material.


  • Zero-waste: the recovered biomass will be fed into a biodigester for the production of methane. The organic nutrients and leftover mulch will be used to produce organic baskets, eliminating the need for plastic ones, therefore reducing fossil fuel dependency, GHG emission, and waste.


  • Energy efficiency: a revolutionary patent-pending lighting technology will provide illumination with the most appropriate wavelengths for each specific crop. This highly efficient technology consumes 10 times less energy than conventional LED Systems. 


  • Renewable energy: 100% electric grid independence can be achieved through the use of our patented cost-effective solar & wind technology. Our solar and wind collector brilliantly integrates solar thermal, solar PV and wind energy in a single, compact, and efficient structure to provide renewable and clean energy, for electricity and water heating.

Evergreen farm Solar invintion
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