Grow360 System


Using the basic principle of hydroponics, Evergreen Farm Oy developed an innovative vertical farming technology that produces the highest yield per square meter (and per cubic meter) called the Grow360 system.


The Grow360 system enables us to grow high-quality fruits and vegetables in a state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled, multi-level indoor facility.


GROW360 Unit


The Grow360 unit is a structure composed of rotating cylinders where up to 2160 plants grow vertically, thus, offering the highest yield per square and cubic meter.


The airy design surrounding the leaves enables pollination and offers a microclimate favorable for growth while keeping the leaves dry.  The Grow360e unit does not create excess humidity, which is a major cause of poor production in other hydroponic systems.  This allows plants to grow closer to each other.


In addition, the cylindrical shape maximizes growth area, while rotation minimizes the distance between plants and light fixtures. Therefore, offering the highest number of plants per area and volume


Due to its rotating system, the Grow360 unit radiates light evenly to all the plants. 

To learn more about the Grow360 Unit Specifications click here.




Our airy design ensures the adequate humidity levels, avoiding expensive methods of humidity reduction.


The Automated C02 delivery not only supports the essential living conditions of plants but it also optimizes their growth.


Optimized temperature control allows section-specific regulation.


The Direct Feed system allows fully automated individual plant feeding.


Our highly efficient lighting system operates at the optimum wavelength for plant growth.


Proprietary software monitors and controls actuators.



Proprietary software monitors and controls over 20 sensors and actuators, including:


  • CO2

  • Oxygen (O2)

  • Ozone (O)

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

Visual view of plants

  • Green area index

  • Growth status

  • Diseases


  • Nutrition level

  • Ph

  • Flow

  • Temperature

  • Oxygen

  • Consumption


  • Inside temperature

  • Inside humidity

  • Rotation


  • Light wave lengths

  • Illuminance

  • Consumption


  • Yield mass

  • Quality

Optimization Software


With the aid of machine learning, a "branch" of artificial intelligence,  our proprietary software utilizes data from current market prices, plant’s growth patterns, resources usage, logistics processes and more, to determine and design an optimal crop planting schedule that maximizes financial gain.



In addition, our software reduces the learning curve of an inexperienced farmer.




Robotic Harvester and Transporter


The Grow360 system combines the benefits of existing technology in robotics and engineering with agriculture. 


The robotic harvester and transporter will allow full automation reducing labor costs when desired.


When minimizing land area is important and units can be stacked on top of each other, automation plays a critical role in eliminating the risk and expenses associated with humans working high above the ground level.



LED Lighting


Each Grow360 Unit uses 16 LED fixtures to provide illumination with the most appropriate wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum ideal for individual plants and stages.

Renewable Energy


100% electric grid independence can be achieved through the use of our patented, cost-effective solar & wind technology. This solar and wind collector brilliantly integrates solar thermal, solar PV and wind energy in a single compact and efficient structure.



Water Recycling

Automated mixing of recycled water with nutrition.

Direct Feed


Plants are automatically fed with organic nutrients through the Direct Feed mist irrigation system.